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Who wouldn’t want to live in a paradise?

Il Paradiso Integrale is a Cultural Association located in Italy – and in the whole world via Internet. We invite you to join us for a holiday in the most beautiful Italian countryside. Or follow our weekly Wisdom Factory online events.

Holidays in Umbria, Italy

Enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding the place; olive trees, meadows and woods and the spectacular view to all sides, to the mountains and over the Tiber valley.

Wisdom Factory Online Events

Exploring various topics with people who are committed to contribute to creating a better world.

Il Paradiso Integrale

A Cultural Association Non-Profit in Rural Umbria/Italy aiming to connect people from all over the world

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The Wisdom Factory.net (live conversation with noteworthy people)

Our personal BLOG  (talking about events and insights)

Integral Ageing.com (About ageism and getting older differently)

The Power of Relationship.com   (Topics connected with Relationships and Communication)

Animals in the Paradise (Stories about Animals, their relationship with us Humans and what we can learn from them)

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We are back again! 14 guests in CONSCIOUS AGEING broadcasts.

By | January 27th, 2018|Categories: Conscious Ageing, Latest Articles, Online Series and Events, Women and Men|

Heidi and Mark, the founders of PARADISO INTEGRALE, are happy to be able to offer to you a new season in our series CONSCIOUS AGEING. That's what it is about: How can we see and experience "getting older" in different ways? How can we maintain health and physical form? What about spirituality or sexuality? We have medical doctors among our [...]