Creating the future embracing nature

A community at Paradiso Integrale - co-creating the future by caring for Nature Since spring 2020 we live in really weird times. We are kept in fear of a virus which is said to kill exponentially. There is no evidence for that, but it becomes ever more clear that the amount of people impacted by the restrictions will be huge. Being imprisoned in a flat creates [...]

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We are back again! 14 guests in CONSCIOUS AGEING broadcasts

Heidi and Mark, the founders of PARADISO INTEGRALE, are happy to be able to offer to you a new season in our series CONSCIOUS AGEING. This topic is overdue, especially because the overwhelming majority of our guests are WOMEN. We had an interview specifically about men in our 2nd season, men who get older in prison. Statistically the huge majority of prisoners are men from about [...]

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How to get your message out into the world

Tech Help to get your message out into the world! Helping you to become visible in the world is one of the goals of our Association: How can you create your own website How can you get it done by someone else and be taught to maintain it? What niche should you chose and what website address? What content would you publish best? How can you rank [...]

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The meaning of Christmas through an evolutionary lens

It is time to think about Christmas in the Western world. Even if you are a hardcore atheist you cannot deny that Christmas is about to happen again. You see it in the amount of stuff you are urged and even willing to buy and you see it with all the decorations of gold glitter and candles and wrapped up packages. This is the expression of [...]

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Women push the evolution of consciousness

Workshops and courses for personal development are filled with women. Only very few men participate and it seems that men leave the hard work to women of integrating  life and nature back into our societies. "Spiral Dynamics" has an answer for that.  Gender roles were quite stable in traditional societies. (See the discussion in the first part of this conversation HERE From there modern societies went [...]

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Women and power – Dr. von Meibom part #1

Introduction to the series: In our society we have strange ideas about "Women and Power". What does POWER mean? What attitude have women themselves to their power? In this first snippet of our conversation with Prof. Dr. Barbara von Meibom in The Wisdom Factory (watch the full video HERE) we are touching on  the definition of POWER, the shadow side of its expression and the necessity [...]

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Conscious Ageing – the free broadcast series continues

We are happy to offer you more conversations on CONSCIOUS AGEING. The journey continues! October 19th we will talk with Nicola Bagalà on the Possibility of extending our lives far beyond of what seems possible right now. More info HERE October 26: Dr. Roger Jahnke on Non-Pharmacological healing with Mind-Body practice. Get more info HERE November 2nd:  Susan Farling will share her insights about Unmasking Internalised Ageism. Find [...]

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The Wisdom Factory

"The Wisdom Factory" is the Internet Broadcasting Service of our Association "Il Paradiso Integrale". We offer weekly live shows on various topics. Presently we work on topic groups: "CONSCIOUS AGEING", "CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER" and "WOMEN MATTERS" The previous series were called: "WISDOM TECHNOLOGIES" and "STOP THE RELATIONSHIT" All recordings are accessible on the Wisdom Factory Website under the respective columns and in the Video ARCHIVE [...]

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