Tech Help to get your message out into the world! Helping you to become visible in the world is one of the goals of our Association:
  • How can you create your own website
  • How can you get it done by someone else and be taught to maintain it?
  • What niche should you chose and what website address?
  • What content would you publish best?
  • How can you rank your website on the search engines?
  • How to create a video or a live stream event for your audience
  • Many more techniques and advices to achieve your goals

In this post I want to present to you one of our associates, Lowell Ann Fuglsang, who is doing great work in helping you to learn about the many possibilities which actually are out there. Which ones should you chose for your business or your passion to let others know about what you do?

Lowell Ann is hosting interactive weekly “Success Circles” where topics are addressed regarding all types of internet presence, how to learn the skills and how to use them effectively, what tools are available and which ones will best suit you. In an informal chat the people present in the live stream share their expertise and everyone can ask their questions, within the live event and from “outside” via comments which are brought up and discussed within the group.

Here is an example of what you can expect when you join us. An excerpt of an episode about how to find your individual niche in the huge internet world.

The video above his is an excerpt of an episode of “Being Your Own CEO” weekly live broadcast hosted by Lowell Ann Fuglsang. People interested in learning are coming together and share their expertise with the others. We normally talk about websites, live streaming, Search Engine Optimisation, affiliate marketing, and more “tech” stuff. Join us at

Here Jay Neill explains how he does niche research in order to build a website which can be found by Google easily. He uses me, Heidi from, as an example and comes up with a suggestion for a new website to create around my expertise of 30 years in the past. Jay Neill is teaching at Wealthy Affiliate, a website where we met and where I learned to create my own websites. It is an awesome place with tons of tutorials and community support. If you are interested please click here for a free trial. If you are interested in the Jaaxy Keyword tool please click here.