Heidi and Mark, the founders of PARADISO INTEGRALE, are happy to be able to offer to you a new season in our series CONSCIOUS AGEING. This topic is overdue, especially because the overwhelming majority of our guests are WOMEN. We had an interview specifically about men in our 2nd season, men who get older in prison. Statistically the huge majority of prisoners are men from about 16 to 30, and some of them stay there who knows how long. That’s why our episode with Marc Blesoff talked exclusively about the situation of men. (Watch it HERE)

Coming back to the upcoming season:

That’s what it is about: How can we see and experience “getting older” in different ways? How can we maintain health and physical form? What about spirituality or sexuality? We have medical doctors among our guests and other health professionals as well as people like me and you who have experience in ageing and are deliberately focusing on finding new and better ways to live the third part of our lives.

When will we start talking about AGEING MEN?
We will kick off the new season with a conversation about ageing men with a clinical psychologist, Dr. Oren Amitay on SUNDAY February 4th.

The same week on THURSDAY February 8th we talk with another male guest of our series, Dr. Roger Jahnke who is specialised in healing, Chinese medicine and martial arts.

Dr.Oren Amitay

Dr. Oren Amitay

Dr. Roger Jahnke

Dr. Roger Jahnke

Find the PROGRAM for the whole series HERE

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