Workshops and courses for personal development are filled with women. Only very few men participate and it seems that men leave the hard work to women of integrating  life and nature back into our societies. “Spiral Dynamics” has an answer for that.  Gender roles were quite stable in traditional societies. (See the discussion in the first part of this conversation HERE

From there modern societies went into what we call the “orange” or “modern” level of development where achievement and success at all cost is valued the most – together with the outcome in form of money, of course. Women tried to leave their pre-fixed gender roles by adopting those of men ( at least the “good” ones) who predominantly operate in the success driven and science based mindset.

The genuine feminine spirit and quality is not based in linear success driven thinking but in a holistic view of the world and its possibilities. (See conversations from the FEMININE perspective HERE).  or HERE

Feminine qualities are about caring for others and for Nature, about giving birth and death. So no wonder that it is them who feel uncomfortable with the destructiveness of the male-created society based on conflict and war. No wonder that they are looking for finding new ways of being which would “kill” the present mindset which is still very much taken on by men: Success, greatness, money etc. and which is cutting of the possibilities for development into higher and more insightful stages of development.

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Participants in the conversation:

Jon Freeman, Prof. Dr. Barbara von Meibom, Heidi Hornlein, Mark Davenport

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