Introduction to the series:

In our society we have strange ideas about “Women and Power”. What does POWER mean? What attitude have women themselves to their power?

In this first snippet of our conversation with Prof. Dr. Barbara von Meibom in The Wisdom Factory (watch the full video HERE) we are touching on  the definition of POWER, the shadow side of its expression and the necessity to embrace our personal power – the “light” expression of power – for becoming full human beings and for being able to have a positive footprint in the world.

Barbara makes very clear in this snippet that POWER is not the issue, but the attitude behind our use of power is the really important thing to take into close observation and evaluation.

Barbara v.Meibom

About Prof. Dr.Barbara von Meibom

Prof. Dr. Barbara von Meibom has been teaching Political and Communication Science at the Univ. Duisburg Essen in Germany. She is founder of Communio-Institute for the Art of Leadership in Berlin with Senior Coaching and trainings in Spiritual Coaching, Self Awareness, Mindfulness and Spiritual Self-Management. “Dem Leben dienen – to serve life” is her commitment. Extensive studies in India led her to a synthesis of eastern and western spiritual traditions. She is a spiritual teacher and spiritual coach, teaching internationally. Barbara v. Meibom has published more than a dozen books and gives talks in Germany and abroad.

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A conversation with Dr.Barbara von Meibom and Jon Freeman